Individuals & Freelancers

Liberty. Dignity. Serenity.

Practicing sophrology means choosing a responsible and conscious way of life. Our existence is made of sensory, emotional and mental experiences that we live unconsciously for the main part. Bringing back positivity in the present moment will enable us to be at peace with our past and make serene projections into the future.

« You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf. »

Jon Kabat-Zinn

« Discovery » programme

(3 one hour sessions)

Relaxation, tensions releasing, energy activation, discover the key techniques of sophrology over three sessions.

I learn how to relax
I learn how to release tensions
I learn how to activate my energy

« Liber… tea » programme

(5 one hour sessions)

Free your mind from stress and tensions and rapidly improve the quality of your live (sleep better, be positive, let things go).

I learn to relax and be present
I learn to release tensions
I learn to live positivity
I learn to breathe more profoundly
I learn to focus on my qualities

« Sereni… tea » and « Digni… tea » programmes

(10 one hour sessions – customised protocols based on personal objectives)

Stop mental anxiety, reactivate energy, regain motivation, concentration and a serene mind. Listen to your body and sensations, respect your needs, claim back harmony and balance in your life.

I live in the present moment
I feel my body
I recover my energy
I trust my qualities
I live positivity
I breathe consciously
I bring back harmony
I release tensions
I let things go
I live a balanced life

Group sessions and thematic workshops can also be organised. Contact me to know the events dates.