A little positivity in English

A little positivity in English

For everyone, well-being is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.

Deepak Chopra

Inspiring Books

I was on my way at the airport in New York heading to LA and I wanted to find some inspiring book to read on the airplane. That title drew my attention and I was not disappointed. Humor is one of the values I need in life and Mark Manson has a lot of it. He also has this ability to picture spiritual concepts in a very simple and easy to grasp image that makes them understandable. Enjoy the reading…

I love words. And I love what language lovers do with words. Poetry lies in the way words are assembled and this book is full of it. Languages can express things in such a beautiful way! This is why the first Toltec Agreement is so important: BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD.

Inspiring Websites

Listen to your body On Lise Bourbeau’s website, you can find the book « Heal your wounds and find your true self » that has become a bible for me. It explains so clearly why and how our inner child suffers from the wounds we grew up with. This teaching should be given to all wounded adults who struggle to liberate themselves from the pains of their ego.

Uplift Connect This is one of the first websites I connected to when I was in search of positive newsfeed. I have not been watching the news for many years now. I try to only feed my soul with positive thinking and this is the place to be for such food. Enjoy!

Sophrology If you do not know what sophrology is, I invite you to take a look at this website. I am currently following a training to become a sophrologist because I feel getting trained to making me feel better is the only way to enable me making other people feel better, too. And that’s the only purpose in our life, right?

Morning Altars Have you already heard about impermanence? This website gives a beautiful picture of what impermanence means. Just visiting the website already provides you with inner peace. You can also find him on Instagram.

Heart Coherence Mental activity is something you cannot stop. The more you try to stop it and control it, the more it will invade your mind. Heart coherence is a simple technique that may help you slow down this mental activity and direct your attention to your breath while watching your heart rythm getting more coherent and harmonized as you focus on your breath. If you think that meditation is not for you, start with this technique and you will see that you are just one step away from meditation.

Sharethenumberlove A great impact for the planet with a simple little action. « This awareness campaign registered with the United Nations was created to inspire people to share a global goal number and connect it to actions reflecting the kindness and love in the world whether it’s an act of kindness, a project or a financial contribution. » I participated through supporting Toxi Plan, a company involved in lowering the ecotoxicological impact of daily use products on life under water. What about you?

Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Sophie and I live in Belgium. I am the third in a family of four, even though 3 only are still alive. My elder sister, Laurence, passed away in 2006 not surviving to Leukemia. This made me realize that there should be more to live than just suffering and undergoing the difficulties we all struggle with in our day to day. And so, here I am, willing to share all the learning through my readings, websites visits, little things I see around me, … I hope it might inspire you or, at least, light up your life for a moment. Take a seat, relax, and follow your inner guide. You did not get here inadvertendly.

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There is a new movie « THRIVE II » recently published but starting with this one is already breathtaking. I want to spread it because it’s human future that is at stake. There actually is an answer to all the disasters happening on the planet.

One of the most beautiful movies I have seen. I can only recommend giving it a look and getting moved by this story of a man who meets God he calls Papa. I cried from beginning to end. I am not a fervent believer, I tend to speak about the Universe, rather than « god ». But this movie gives a very clear definition of what unconditional love is.

This one is also a masterpiece. When you understand that there is more to life than just getting born and dying, you start to understand how to live and how to be. The purpose of life is not suffering, the purpose of life is growing, evolving to become a better version of oneself. We just forgot it.

Two great men reminding us how short life is and that the best day to start a list of « things to do before I die » is today. We should never stop dreaming and live our lives to the fullest. Our life account is credited each morning with 86400 seconds, this credit can vanish at any moment, it depends on us to use it wisely everyday.

Disney’s Soul movie has become my all time favourite! I have always considered Disney in advance on our time but this is definitely the best move they could do in this pandemic situation, participating at their level to the human consciousness awakening.

If you have not had a chance to see this beautiful documentary yet, stop what you are doing and see it. It’s deeply moving, sometimes unbearable but so powerful! It’s about time science interests itself to subjects that cross the border of reasoning. The heart has its own intelligence that goes far beyond what the brain can do. ❤

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